Information about the commands

Command Permission Recommended Rank Description
/mp publish/sell <price> market.publish Users Sell the item in your hand.
/mp search Users Open the search menu.
/mp my/self Users Open your “dashboard”.
/mp listings/inspect <playeruuid/playername> market.listings Moderators Open the “dashboard” of another player (You can delete items).
/mp purge <parameters> market.purge Moderators Purge listings with specific parameters.
/mp reload market.reload Admins Reload the plugin configuration.
/mp limits [get|set|increment|decrement] [player] [slots] Check: Limits Admins & Players Manage the limits of players.
/mp select <parameters> Moderators Get a plain chat message of specific listings (Same parameters as purge).
/mp help [command] (No permission required) Users Open the help menu or get help from a specific command.
/mp cancel/borrow <options> market.cancel Moderators Cancel items, for now just –all enabled (Experimental/Migration).
/mp setpin/webpin <new-pin> market.setpin Users Sets the pin of your webclient account. WebMarket should be enabled.
/mp wallet/webmoney <deposit/widthdraw/check> [player/$] market.wallet Users Manage the money in your webclient account. WebMarket should be enabled.
/mp migrate market.migrate Admins Used to migrate from other plugins similar to MP. (Requests Open).
/mp migrate-nbt market.migrate-nbt Admins Used to migrate from SNBT to NBT (Update 3.0.0).